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Haha, just kidding. The White Sox relinquished their brief hold on .500 last night with an ugly 10-2 loss to the Red Sox. Apparently Brian Bruney thought it’d be really fun to turn a 5-2 deficit into a 10-2 deficit, all in one inning! Thanks, Brian.

As per normal, I don’t know the exact details of Bruney’s apparent implosion, since, as it has been for about 90% of the season, I do not get the game broadcast on TV. Good thing the Yankees are coming into town this weekend. Four glorious games, all streamed into my living room via the YES Network…

Wait, that’s THIS week?!

Guess I’m a hard-luck fan once more. That cheesy segue was my way of telling the blogosphere that I will be on a mission trip with my youth group until late Friday night, which means I will be without TV/cell phone/WiFi/computer/36 innings of White Sox baseball. It’s definitely a series that I’m sorry to miss, especially considering what happened last time the Sox met the Yanks.

Sorry. I could watch that play forever.

Anyways, I’ll be back here on Saturday, hopefully not writing about some sort of pinstripe-coated collapse. Off to a land where no one will mention the White Sox or baseball or the fact that the Indians just got Ubaldo Jimenez and put a significant crimp in the Central race. (Oops, I guess I just did.)


The White Sox Hate Me

Or at least their schedule-makers do. As I’ve mentioned before I live in Connecticut, far from the zone where I could actually watch White Sox games on TV without coughing up $200 for MLB Extra Innings package.

bag_of_money.pngSo during the season, I have four options for watching my beloved boys play. One is to watch highlight reels on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. This works out pretty well, though of course it is only highlights, and nothing can beat watching the whole nine innings, start to finish. To do that, I can log on to mlb.com and use their “Gameday” feature (because I don’t want to pay $100 for MLB.TV. I need my money for other things…such as ice cream). This is very unsatisfactory. All you get is a little figure at the plate swinging a strange, animated bat in a manner that more resembles chopping firewood. Plus, since the time between pitches is approximately an eternity, sitting at my computer staring at…well, nothing, between those exciting moments is agonizing. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. If I need to know exactly how we demolished the Twins, I’ll do it.  

 My third option is to wait for a desirable matchup to catch the eye of ESPN’s programmers so I can watch it on Wednesday or Thursday or Sunday Night Baseball. When it happens, it’s great, but unfortunately, this only happens about twice a season.

My last option is the best one of all. I get the Yankees’ channel, YES, which shows almost every Yankee game live. The White Sox typically play two series against the Yanks, and for those six nights, I park myself in front of the TV and watch every minute. For the past two years, these series have only been two or three weeks apart, which meant I got to watch the White Sox live six times in ONE MONTH. So when I learned that the two teams were playing two four-game series, I was even more excited. But there is a problem.

The first four game series runs from April 25-28. This might make me a bad baseball fan, but I don’t really get that excited about April baseball. School is still in session, and it’s early. So many things can change over the next 150 or so games. I’ll watch it, but due to schoolwork and a small disinterest, there will not be a campout in front of my TV. The next series is from August 1-4. Perfect, summer baseball, in thick of the races. But, no. That week I will be on a mission trip with my church youth group where there will be no internet, no phone, and certainly no TV conveniently tuned to YES network.

I guess this season will be filled with Baseball Tonight highlights and Gameday stick figures. Clearly, there is some higher power trying to keep me from my boys this season. Or maybe they’ll be so bad, the higher power wants to spare my eyes from the agony? Hmmm…