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Take the Good With the Bad

Whenever someone asks, “Do you want the good news first, or the bad?”,  I tend to be one of the few who opt for the good. I feel that whatever bad is coming, at least I can offset it with the positive tidbit I know. Well, fellow White Sox fans, I ask you the age old question: Do you want the good news first, or the bad?”

Well, since this is a blog and you can’t actively respond, I will tell you that you most certainly want the good news first. And that is: Paulie’s in! Yep, thanks to fans’ hours of obsessive voting, Paul Konerko finally earned the credit he deserves and earned the final spot on the American League All-Star team. Okay, in truth, it probably won’t turn out to be the final spot, once all of the inevitable “injury” withdrawals ensue, but the important part is that fans finally recognized his on-field brilliance. Did it help that there weren’t Yankees or Red Sox on the ballot? Hey, we’ll take whatever breaks we can get.

Now that you have that joyous piece of information tucked into your minds, hold on to that dearly as I give you the bad news: We lost last night. To the Twins. For the fifth time this season. To go along with those 5 losses, we have zero wins against that hated ballclub. 0-5, on the season. If we had won all 5 of those matchups, we’d be 2 games over .500. If we won only three of those, we’d be at .500 exactly.

No wins. Five losses. Stupid Twinkies.

Oh well. Paulie’s in! *breaks out in happy dance*


On a more serious note, I would like express my condolences to the Stone family, after 39-year-old Rangers fan Shannon Stone fell to his death last night when reaching for a ball at Rangers Ballpark. Such tragic events remind us all that as frustrating stats and standings can be, the most important and valuable part of this game is the health and safety of everyone involved. May God bless Mr. Stone and his family.


Vote Paulie!

3rd in AL RBIs (62)…
4th in AL home runs (21)…
5th in AL batting average (.317)…
T-8th in AL hits (95)…
T-8th in AL on-base percentage (.387)…
…And yet Paul Konerko was still not named to the American League All-Star team. But wait, there’s still hope! Paulie is one of five players in the AL “Final Vote” race. Fans have the opportunity to vote for Konerko until 4 p.m. Thursday, and send him to Phoenix as he deserves. There is no vote maximum, so stuff the ballots! Make Paulie an All-Star!

“I didn’t make the All-Star team? Damn Adrian Gonzalez…”


I Just Noticed Something

So, it’s no secret that the White Sox have had a less-than-stellar season so far. However, Alexei Ramirez was recently awarded the AL Player of the Week title for the week of May 16-22. This is the third time a White Sox player (the other two being Carlos Quentin and Paul Konerko) has won the award this season, which is only eight weeks old. So, in the eight weeks that this award has been given, a White Sock has been the recipient about 38% of the time.

Granted, the Player of the Week distinction kind of reeks of cheap, yay-little-first-grader-you-get-a-gold-star-ness, but still. If a Pale Hose has been the best in the American League for 38% of the season, we have to be doing something right.

A Tale of Two Aunts

This weekend, the White Sox happily won the their third series out west, actually scoring runs for once in the process. I took this all in from Phillies country, aka Southern Jersey. Honestly, I have never seen so many people wearing a team’s gear, aside from a stadium. Everywhere I looked, there was a Phillies hat, Phillies shirt, Phillies jacket. I think Roy Halladay is the second coming down there.

But while this blog was down, I did not want to write about the Sox’ victory spree or the overabundance of red that I was seeing. No, I wanted to write about this guy.

Yes, this is a White Sox blog. Yes, the White Sox are my favorite team, and always will be. But the Jorge Posada saga really struck a nerve with me this weekend. Whenever I see news about him now on ESPN, I stop and look. Growing up on Long Island, I knew all about the Core Four and their magnificence. And for whatever reason, Jorge caught with me more than any other Yankee. In 2005, Newsday had a centerfold poster of Posada that stayed tacked onto my wall until 2007. I bought a Posada shirt in 2006, three sizes too big, and still wear it in sophomore gym class. On my list of favorite players, squished between the likes of Mark Buerhle, Paul Konerko, and A.J. Pierzynski, is Jorge. And now he’s getting old? And worse, he’s getting old in one of the ugliest ways possible?

I was expressing this all to my friend via text on Saturday night, while watching the Yanks game on FOX and hearing Ken Rosenthal reveal the story. He, unlike almost every other friend I have, loves baseball, and is a fan of his hometown Reds and the Red Sox. “Why are you so upset about this?” I explained to him that the slow demise of Jorge represented the demise of the Yankees I grew up with, when I was living in a town practically draped in pinstripes. “But you don’t even like the Yankees,” he said.


Let’s say you have an aunt. Let’s call her Mary. Aunt Mary is your father’s sister, and you have known her since birth. Your father is very fond of his sister, and always encourages you to spend time with her and get to know her better and better. You find Aunt Mary to be perfectly nice, but she’s a bit boring. She is very traditional, hardly ever breaks from her routine, and considers a wild day to be a day at the petting zoo. She isn’t very funny, doesn’t enjoy reading the Sunday comics, and wears grays and whites. You love Aunt Mary because she is a part of your family, but not for many reasons beyond that.

Then let’s say that a vivacious woman named Bess marries into the family. Aunt Bess is the stark opposite of Mary. She is outgoing, wears bright colors and flowing fabrics, and loves to laugh and crack jokes. You take to her immediately, because you want to hear her funny stories and eat the gum she slips you on the way home, even though your parents forbid gum in the house. Then, just when you don’t think you could love Bess anymore, she takes you to Disney World for the week. The excitement she gave you in that week tops anything Aunt Mary ever did. Bess is just so much fun, that she has to be your favorite aunt. You will always love Aunt Mary, because she is family, but Bess will always be the favorite.

I guess by now you can figure out that the White Sox are Aunt Bess and the Yankees are Aunt Mary. While the White Sox will always be my true loves, the Yankees are woven into the fabric of my family, of my childhood. So do I like the Yankees? Yes. No. Maybe. That’s not the point. Watching Jorge get old is like seeing Aunt Mary’s eyesight fail. You don’t love her much beyond the familial sense, but you would hate to see her suffer.

So It’s Been a While

Actually, eleven months to be exact. This blog seemed like a good idea when I started it, but then…well, life got in the way. I’m a high school student after all, and between homework, friends and rehearsals, all I wanted to do in my free time was watch the ChiSox, not write about them. But I’m back, and better than ever (even if there are only two entries to improve upon).

So what’s news? We have a bullpen, but not quite a closer. We have a pitching coach, but he’s not very happy. We have a third basemen, but he’s not very competent. We don’t have Andruw Jones anymore…thank God for small favors, right? Most importantly, we have Paulie back, we have A.J. back, and we have Ozzie back. A huge part of me smiles when I think of that. Those guys (and Buehrle, of course) remind me of my first baseball season, when my dad took me to a Yankees game, but forgot to tell me to root for the home team. Well, I guess it worked out. That year was 2005, and that year, my new team won the World Series. Gone are Scotty Pods and Aaron Rowand and all of the other guys that I remember seeing on my TV screen, but Paulie’s still here. And of course, so is that crazy, funny manager who I thought was hysterical when I watched his postgame interviews as a ten-year-old. 


ozzieguillen.jpgWell, that’s been a lot of reminiscing for one blog post, hasn’t it? Forgive me, but there’s not much going on in Soxland right now, is there? I’ll be back though…and this time, I’m here to stay.