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Seeing Red: Notes from Phillies Country

During this last week of summer, I am on vacation with my family in Southern Jersey, about an hour and a half outside of Philly. As I expected, in my three days here so far, I have seen my share of red (and even some old-school maroon). However, I’ve been seeing a few other colors too. In what has been the extent of my scientific activity this summer, I’ve kept track of the number of people of seen wearing MLB gear. The results, three days into my seven-day vacation, are as follows:
31 Phillies
20 Yankees
5 Mets
4 Pirates
2 Nationals
1 Tigers
1 Red Sox
1 Angels
1 Orioles
1 Rockies
1 White Sox (Okay, okay, it’s me. Gotta represent!)
I’ll be keeping this tally all week. I don’t doubt that I’ll see at least 100 Phillies fans by week’s end. If I was keeping track of football teams, I’m sure I would be able to confirm that I’ll see 100 Eagles fans as well.

So, I can tell you all about the doings of Halladay and
Rollins and all the rest, but I’m a bit fuzzy about my boys. I do know that last night, a dazzling and still rare display of offense was put on for show. 10-0 against the often-potent Rangers? I can live with that. I also know that Carlos Quentin has joined A.J. Pierzynski and Philip Humber among the ranks of the injured. Though Q isn’t expected to hit the DL, this is really a bad time for the injury bug to bite the Sox. With the Tigers sweep of the Indians, it looks like we might actually be able to move into second.


Find Your Special Talent, White Sox Style!

When I was little, my kindergarten teacher told me that I should always be on the lookout for my “special talent”. I was told that everyone, absolutely every person in the world has a special talent, some just have to search for it more than others. Well, after playing in 67 games, it appears that Adam Dunn has found his special talent.

He is very good at striking out. A lot.

Today, after striking out four times (let’s repeat that again, FOUR TIMES) against the Nationals, Dunn became the fastest in the American League to 100 strikeouts. The next guy behind him is the Tigers’ Austin Jackson, who has struck out 91 times so far. However, Jackson has had 306 at-bats this season, meaning that he is K’d roughly about 30% of the time. The esteemed Mr. Dunn, on the other hand, has only been to the plate 231 times thus far. That means that 43% of the time that Dunn goes to bat, he adds yet another strikeout to the list.

Forty. Three. Percent. Of. The. Time. I’m not sure I can overstate that. If I was Dunn, I’d be making this face too. In fact, I am, right now as I read those hideous stats.

Not even the special talent line can save you this time, Adam.