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That’s pretty much my sentiment as I saw the end of the Angels-White Sox game on MLB.com’s Live Look-In. I saw the bases loaded, I got really excited…then I groaned as Juan Pierre flied out to left to end the game. I don’t know where this Jordan Walden kid came from, but I wish we could get a shut-down closer like that. Bases loaded and the kid doesn’t flinch? Yeesh.

So for the first time all season, we are below .500. I know that it is not even May yet, but this does not feel good. It is perfectly reasonable for a team to slip below .500 in April and still take the division crown in October, but I guess this is the point where I fall back to earth. The White Sox are not going to be a powerhouse, rolling over every opponent brutally. Time for me to fall from my cloud of fantasy and realize what the baseball season is– a long span of 162 games where not everything goes perfectly. We can still pull it off come September, but this is not going to be a smooth ride. But hey, that’s what’ll make it all the more sweeter.

One question I have is why this series was played in Chicago, when at Angel Stadium in Los Angeles or Anaheim or wherever they are actually located, the average nighttime temperature has been in the mid-50s. Yesterday’s gametime temperature at the Cell was 35 degrees. THIRTY-FIVE DEGREES. Look at this picture of the Angels players. They look like they are trapped in the frozen tundra. In April and early May, games should be played on the west coast or in stadiums with roofs. Let teams come to the midwest and east coast when players–and the loyal fans– do not have to dress like the Michelin man to keep warm between innings.
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