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In the Record Books Once More

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the reasons that I love Mark Buehrle so much is because of all of the strange distinctions he holds. He’s the first pitcher in World Series history to start and save consecutive games. He is one of only two pitchers in history who allowed seven runs in the first inning yet went on to win the game. (The other was Jack Powell in 1900.) And now, for the record books, Mark Buehrle has become the all-time winningest interleague pitcher, with 24 wins acquired during interleague play.

I know, I know, I am clearly on the record as a hater of interleague play. But this distinction is yet another quirky facet to Buehrle’s already unusual resume. Now I can tell my kids that as a teenager, my favorite player was not Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter, no way. Nope, it was Mark Buehrle, who topped the likes of Jamie Moyer and Freddy Garcia to become the winningest pitcher in a stupid period of baseball history known as interleague play.

Has a lovely ring to it, don’t you think?

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You Know, Ozzie, You Might Be Better Off Calling Bobby Thigpen

Sometimes I’m glad I don’t get White Sox games on TV. I just see the score flash across the bottom of ESPN, and I don’t know how they won or lost, I just know that they won or lost. When I saw A’s 7, White Sox 4, Final 10, I initially thought “Ugh, another extra-innings game.” I didn’t realize that the bullpen was that miserable, until good ol’ Ozzie brought it up in a trademark rant. Honestly, Matt Thornton? Four blown saves in four opportunities? That is not only killing the White Sox, that is killing my fantasy team. His 20.25 ERA this week–yes, I said TWENTY POINT TWO FIVE–is putting my team’s ERA through the roof. But, it’s not about my fantasy team. It’s about the White Sox’ 7-5 record looking a lot worse than it actually is, since it should be at least 9-3. Ozzie suggested bringing back Bobby Thigpen. Hey, why not? Thigpen’s only 47, and last I checked, Jamie Moyer pitched until he was like 75 or something. Either way, Ozzie’s gotta do something. I’m not sure I can survive a season of this.

monkey-covering-eyes.jpgIn happier news, yesterday, I designed and purchased the coolest t-shirt ever from CustomInk.com. Groaning to my mother that there are no witty or remotely funny White Sox shirts for sale, she suggested I design one myself, so I did. It reads “This Girlie Loves Buehrle.” Ok, I admit that I stole that saying from a 7-year-old I read about in the New York Times, but I am not ashamed. My shirt should look like the design below and will come in two weeks. I can’t wait to wear it.