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Oh, Sergio

On one hand, I’m upset with you for giving away last night’s game when we essentially had it in the bag. I’m upset with you for not only allowing the tying run, but then for allowing three more insurance runs to make a comeback all but impossible. I mean, honestly, Sergio, we were one out away from victory. One. Out.

But on the other hand, I would like to stand up and applaud you. Previous to last night, you had allowed zero runs in 20 innings of work. Even with last night’s implosion, your ERA is still only 1.69. When I consider how horrific the rest of our bullpen has been, that’s damn impressive. And let’s not forget that you were an infielder only a few years ago.

So, in light of that incredible run you had, I give you a pass for last night. Your consistent performance has earned you some slack.

(Just don’t do it again.)


Where in the World is Scotty Pods?

All of the members of the 2005 champion squad have a special place in my heart, but Scott Podsednik, or Scotty Pods, holds an even bigger spot than most. He wasn’t flashy, but he hit for average (an overrated stat that I’m a sucker for nonetheless) and stole a LOT of bases. After returning to the Sox in ’09, he went to KC for part of the ’10 season, then spent the rest of the year with the Dodgers…but now where is he?

A simple search on MLB.com reveals that Scotty is now in…Canada.


Canada_Flag-Map.jpgYes, he is a Blue Jay, playing sparingly this spring due to a nasty case of plantar fasciitis, a fancy term for swollen heel tissue. He has appeared in one game so far, drawing two walks, scoring a run, and, of course, stealing a base. Not even a messed-up foot will stop him from running.


04-bare-feet.pngI hope he gets his foot problems in order soon and goes back to being the consistent player the South Side fondly remembers him as. I also hope he doesn’t get too fat off of all of that delicious maple syrup they have up there over the border.

In other news, Jake Peavy appears to be indomitable, with not even the flu stopping him from making his scheduled start today against the A’s. When I had the flu a couple years back, I didn’t want to walk from the couch to the television, let alone throw a baseball 40 times. But I guess he really values getting out there on a regular basis. But what if Peavy suddenly vomits on the mound, or something equally horrifying/disgusting? Ozzie’s not quite sure what to do next. In his always honest manner, he said, “Anyone own a White Sox uniform?”

The Boys Are Back!

I woke up this morning and put on my Mark Buehrle shirt for the first time in four months, even though it has a bleach stain on the front. I walked out the door, went to school, and basically told anyone who would listen that today was the White Sox’ first spring training game. I intended to watch it intently from the start to finish.

Hmm…not exactly.

I missed the start of the game because I was too busy researching pre-college programs to realize that it started. But that’s okay. I walked in at the top of the second to see the Dodgers make lots of errors and was happy that Gavin Floyd only allowed one baserunner in his two innings of work. Will Ohman looked very impressive in his debut, pitching a perfect inning. Unfortunately, Tony Pena, who always puts knots in my stomach when he steps on the mound, allowed the Dodgers offense to get in there. I also did not like seeing Gordon Beckham make a weak throw from second, because I still don’t have total faith that he can play that position. But it’s only the first game. Maybe he’s a little rusty.

Either way, it was still great to see blue skies, green grass, and leather gloves. 31 days until this is for real. I can’t wait.

Tomorrow’s the Day!

Finally. Tomorrow afternoon, I will come home from school and watch the White Sox spring training opener against the Dodgers on MLB Network. I am so excited. I realize that spring training essentially meaningless, but after such a long and dreary winter, I can’t wait to see my boys. Before every game, White Sox VP Scott Reifert tweets the game’s lineup. When I saw “Lineup for tomorrow’s Cactus League opener: JP7, Beck4, Rios8, Dunndh, PK3, Q9, AJ2, Ram6, Morel5. Play Ball!” appear on my Twitter feed, I grinned. I forgot the little things that I miss when there is no baseball.

Among other exciting storylines in tomorrow’s game is the debut of new acquisition Adam Dunn, who will be hitting third in the lineup (that tweet above is inaccurate. It was posted very early, so I guess some tinkering was done after the fact). It’s very exciting that we now have a true DH in the lineup, and even though it’s very early, it’d be nice if Dunn could make a good first impression. I don’t want to be making this face by the bottom of the ninth.

adam-dunn.jpgPoking around the depth chart, a couple of interesting things catch my eye. One is that Brent Lillibridge is apparently Utilityman Supreme. The depth chart has his name under second base, shortstop, left field, center field, and right field. That’s quite a list. Whether or not he actually makes the 25-man roster remains to be seen. After all, a .194 career batting average isn’t desirable. But it would be nice to have someone to call on for defensive purposes when in a pinch.

Another thing I see on the depth chart is that Brent Morel is currently listed ahead of Mark Teahen in the third base slot. According to an article on MLB.com, the two are currently in a “friendly battle” for the starting spot. We may be a ways off from decision time, but just the notion of Mark Teahen sitting on the bench makes me jump up and down inside. Lindy’s Baseball Magazine has these glowing words to say about him:

  • Continues to leak bat speed and power
  • Substandard 3B
  • Has lost range to both sides and struggles throwing.

They ultimately give him one star, which according to their key means he is a bench player. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Hopefully with Morel at the hot corner, I won’t have to do this every time a ball is hit to third.

(I just realized that in previous entries, I have consistently referred to Brent Morel as “Brett”. It’s even in my tag cloud. Whoops.)