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You Know, Ozzie, You Might Be Better Off Calling Bobby Thigpen

Sometimes I’m glad I don’t get White Sox games on TV. I just see the score flash across the bottom of ESPN, and I don’t know how they won or lost, I just know that they won or lost. When I saw A’s 7, White Sox 4, Final 10, I initially thought “Ugh, another extra-innings game.” I didn’t realize that the bullpen was that miserable, until good ol’ Ozzie brought it up in a trademark rant. Honestly, Matt Thornton? Four blown saves in four opportunities? That is not only killing the White Sox, that is killing my fantasy team. His 20.25 ERA this week–yes, I said TWENTY POINT TWO FIVE–is putting my team’s ERA through the roof. But, it’s not about my fantasy team. It’s about the White Sox’ 7-5 record looking a lot worse than it actually is, since it should be at least 9-3. Ozzie suggested bringing back Bobby Thigpen. Hey, why not? Thigpen’s only 47, and last I checked, Jamie Moyer pitched until he was like 75 or something. Either way, Ozzie’s gotta do something. I’m not sure I can survive a season of this.

monkey-covering-eyes.jpgIn happier news, yesterday, I designed and purchased the coolest t-shirt ever from CustomInk.com. Groaning to my mother that there are no witty or remotely funny White Sox shirts for sale, she suggested I design one myself, so I did. It reads “This Girlie Loves Buehrle.” Ok, I admit that I stole that saying from a 7-year-old I read about in the New York Times, but I am not ashamed. My shirt should look like the design below and will come in two weeks. I can’t wait to wear it.