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Some Wishes Just Don’t Come True

As expressed in previous posts, I had two wishes for the White Sox going into the trade deadline. One: Don’t deal Edwin Jackson. And two: Get Colby Rasmus. Well, I guess too many people had been making wishes and mine got drowned out. Yesterday afternoon, it was revealed that neither wish would be coming true. Jackson was dealt to the Blue Jays in exchange for pitcher Jason Frasor. I still had hope for Rasmus, until I learned that the only reason the Blue Jays acquired Jackson was so that they could flip him to Cardinals in exchange for Rasmus.

So Edwin Jackson is a Cardinal. Colby Rasmus is a Blue Jay. And Alex Rios is still a White Sock.


There was one good thing about the Jackson deal though. The horrifically dreadful Mark Teahen and his $5.5 million-a-year contract were also sent north of the border in order to get Frasor. I don’t know much about Frasor, but I do know that I personally would trade Teahen for a bag of peanuts. A .203 batting average and 11 RBIs this season? He’s all yours, Canada.


So, after learning that the Sox beat Detroit last night to win the series, I was eager to see what the standings looked like. I scrolled down the White Sox homepage to learn the glorious truth (3.5 games back, 1 game under .500, thankyouverymuch), but next to the standings, I noticed something odd in the ‘Team Leaders’ box.

Hm, I always thought that in order to be a team leader, you had to be, you know, ON THE TEAM. Oh well. It was nice to see a pop of color on the White Sox’ depressingly black-and-white homepage. We’ll miss you, Edwin.

(Until you give up 7 runs in your next start. Then I will pity Cardinals fans.)

EDIT: As of 8:45 p.m., the White Sox don’t have a strikeouts leader at all. Ah, the fun of the trade deadline 🙂


It’s Time for Motivation, Ozzie Style!

The White Sox lost a brutal 14-inning game to the Blue Jays today in which, as per norm, the offense went dead in the clutch. While losses are never fun, this one was not exactly catastrophic. Our guys battled back to tie it in the ninth, but in the end, as always seems to happen, the bats fell asleep. Not happy, but not much different than what we’ve been treated to this whole season.

Tell that to Ozzie.

“It went from a very good game to a very horse[bleep] game. Good game because we come back and battled back, but after the ninth inning, we [bleeping] stink. Flat out stink. We get back there, very excited in the ninth inning, base hit with two out with [Konerko]. After that we’re horsebleep.”

“Our offense [bleeping] sucks after the ninth. They [the players] can say whatever they [bleeping] want to say. For nine innings, they battled, 3-0 battled back, back in the game. Down again. After the ninth inning, they all sucked.”

“I’m drained now. I feel like I’m in September right now. You can ask my coaches. We feel the same way. And we’re not even in [bleeping] June.”

Typically, I find Ozzie’s rants amusing, but I think that this one only highlights his inability to motivate his club. This rant sounds extremely similar the ones given in late ’09 and ’10: calling out his players, saying he can’t take anymore, blah blah blah. What all those two periods have in common is that after the tirades, the team’s performance did not improve; in fact, it got worse. I know this is Ozzie’s way of “motivating” the boys, but I wish he would realize that it hasn’t worked in the past.

Hoping third time’s the charm, but wishing it didn’t come to this today.

Where in the World is Scotty Pods?

All of the members of the 2005 champion squad have a special place in my heart, but Scott Podsednik, or Scotty Pods, holds an even bigger spot than most. He wasn’t flashy, but he hit for average (an overrated stat that I’m a sucker for nonetheless) and stole a LOT of bases. After returning to the Sox in ’09, he went to KC for part of the ’10 season, then spent the rest of the year with the Dodgers…but now where is he?

A simple search on MLB.com reveals that Scotty is now in…Canada.


Canada_Flag-Map.jpgYes, he is a Blue Jay, playing sparingly this spring due to a nasty case of plantar fasciitis, a fancy term for swollen heel tissue. He has appeared in one game so far, drawing two walks, scoring a run, and, of course, stealing a base. Not even a messed-up foot will stop him from running.


04-bare-feet.pngI hope he gets his foot problems in order soon and goes back to being the consistent player the South Side fondly remembers him as. I also hope he doesn’t get too fat off of all of that delicious maple syrup they have up there over the border.

In other news, Jake Peavy appears to be indomitable, with not even the flu stopping him from making his scheduled start today against the A’s. When I had the flu a couple years back, I didn’t want to walk from the couch to the television, let alone throw a baseball 40 times. But I guess he really values getting out there on a regular basis. But what if Peavy suddenly vomits on the mound, or something equally horrifying/disgusting? Ozzie’s not quite sure what to do next. In his always honest manner, he said, “Anyone own a White Sox uniform?”