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Seeing Red: Notes from Phillies Country

During this last week of summer, I am on vacation with my family in Southern Jersey, about an hour and a half outside of Philly. As I expected, in my three days here so far, I have seen my share of red (and even some old-school maroon). However, I’ve been seeing a few other colors too. In what has been the extent of my scientific activity this summer, I’ve kept track of the number of people of seen wearing MLB gear. The results, three days into my seven-day vacation, are as follows:
31 Phillies
20 Yankees
5 Mets
4 Pirates
2 Nationals
1 Tigers
1 Red Sox
1 Angels
1 Orioles
1 Rockies
1 White Sox (Okay, okay, it’s me. Gotta represent!)
I’ll be keeping this tally all week. I don’t doubt that I’ll see at least 100 Phillies fans by week’s end. If I was keeping track of football teams, I’m sure I would be able to confirm that I’ll see 100 Eagles fans as well.

So, I can tell you all about the doings of Halladay and
Rollins and all the rest, but I’m a bit fuzzy about my boys. I do know that last night, a dazzling and still rare display of offense was put on for show. 10-0 against the often-potent Rangers? I can live with that. I also know that Carlos Quentin has joined A.J. Pierzynski and Philip Humber among the ranks of the injured. Though Q isn’t expected to hit the DL, this is really a bad time for the injury bug to bite the Sox. With the Tigers sweep of the Indians, it looks like we might actually be able to move into second.


Let’s Play a Little Game

Good evening, folks, and welcome to tonight’s edition of ChiSox Nightly. We have a very entertaining show planned for you tonight, but first, let’s start with a little trivia question, shall we?

Who is very nervous about Jake Peavy’s season debut tonight?

a) Jake Peavy

b) Catherine, the esteemed author of the fine blog The Wizard of Ozzie

c) That random fan in the stands with mustard on his shirt

If you selected choice “b”, then you are correct! Thank you for playing, and please, stay tuned for more exciting news!

Yep, so tonight is the big night. Peavy steps on the mound for the first time in 10 months, facing the Angels. (Note: Peavy’s injury came against the Angels. Coincidence much?) As exciting as it is to have the guy who is supposedly our “ace” back on the squad, I must admit that I am more nervous than anything else. Peavy hasn’t exactly been a master of control since arriving in Chicago, and coming off of major surgery, I’m afraid of the same old same old. We don’t need our star failing miserably in his debut. That would just rub more salt in the wound. And anyways, I’m liking this Philip Humber kid and his 2.97 ERA. Can’t he stick around for just a little while longer?


For my English class, I have to give a persuasive speech about any topic I want. My teacher suggested that we choose a topic that we are passionate about, and of course, the two things that popped into my head were art and baseball. Not really sure what I could say about art (besides persuading everyone to like it), I turned to baseball. And so, inspired by recent columns by Bill Madden of the New York Daily News and Phil Taylor of Sports Illustrated, I chose to talk about why the Oakland A’s should be dissolved. Believe it or not, I found many valid reasons, and I am looking forward to crafting this speech. When it is done, I will post it on here. I’m looking forward to reading other people’s thoughts and opinions on my idea.




That’s pretty much my sentiment as I saw the end of the Angels-White Sox game on MLB.com’s Live Look-In. I saw the bases loaded, I got really excited…then I groaned as Juan Pierre flied out to left to end the game. I don’t know where this Jordan Walden kid came from, but I wish we could get a shut-down closer like that. Bases loaded and the kid doesn’t flinch? Yeesh.

So for the first time all season, we are below .500. I know that it is not even May yet, but this does not feel good. It is perfectly reasonable for a team to slip below .500 in April and still take the division crown in October, but I guess this is the point where I fall back to earth. The White Sox are not going to be a powerhouse, rolling over every opponent brutally. Time for me to fall from my cloud of fantasy and realize what the baseball season is– a long span of 162 games where not everything goes perfectly. We can still pull it off come September, but this is not going to be a smooth ride. But hey, that’s what’ll make it all the more sweeter.

One question I have is why this series was played in Chicago, when at Angel Stadium in Los Angeles or Anaheim or wherever they are actually located, the average nighttime temperature has been in the mid-50s. Yesterday’s gametime temperature at the Cell was 35 degrees. THIRTY-FIVE DEGREES. Look at this picture of the Angels players. They look like they are trapped in the frozen tundra. In April and early May, games should be played on the west coast or in stadiums with roofs. Let teams come to the midwest and east coast when players–and the loyal fans– do not have to dress like the Michelin man to keep warm between innings.
angels players.jpg