About Catherine

I’m a teenage ChiSox fan living in the
Northeast who is completely and utterly in love with every
aspect of the game of baseball (except the Minnesota Twins.
They can go away). And yes, I said that I live in the
northeast…my ChiSox fandom came completely by chance, to
the dismay of my Yankees-loving father. Alas, I have adopted
both teams, but the ChiSox will always be my #1. Yes, they
are occasionally erratic and sometimes even mediocre, but two
words: Ozzie. Guillen. Funny, emotional, sometimes downright
crazy. What more could you want in a manager?

Aside from being a ChiSox fan, I am a high school student who enjoys
writing, acting, cartooning, and taking pictures. I am in
love with NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” and listen to Dave
Matthews Band nonstop. My dream is to combine my loves of art and helping people into a career as an art therapist.