Not the Homecoming I Wanted, But Still One Nonetheless

Jim Thome heading back to Chicago would hardly be a homecoming. Prior to his three and half seasons (was it really only three and a half?!) with the White Sox, he spent 12 seasons with the Indians, far more time than what he spent in the black and white. Still, when hearing that the Sox were pursuing Thome after he was put on waivers, I was excited for what I deemed a homecoming. Remembering how crushed I was when I heard that he had been traded abruptly from the Sox to the Dodgers in late ’09, I was eager to see Thome come back after that heartbreak.

Yet when I heard that Thome was not headed back to Chicago, and instead going to Cleveland, I was not that disappointed. Even though I prefer to think of Thome as our boy, he really does belong to Cleveland. And especially after hitting No. 600, it’s looking more and more like this season might be his last. After giving Cleveland 12 great seasons, it’s time for Jimmy to give them an encore. Best of luck to him.

(Though when I googled pictures of Thome, the first ten results were pictures of him in a White Sox uniform. Sign?)



  1. This is a very simple game...

    He did look good in a White Sox uniform but I agree, Thome belongs with the Indians. It’s a great bookend to his career. And my HR manager, a Cleveland girl born and raised, transplanted to CA, is ecstatic. But the Sox will always have .600!
    — Kristen

  2. Michael David

    It looks like the Indians are faltering anyway, and the ChiSox are getting hot at the right time. They’re on the Tigers heals, and wouldn’t suprise me if they overtook Detroit in the Central.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  3. southernbelle

    The first baseball card I got of Thome was with the Indians. It was a stupid card, wasn’t even a baseball shot. He was just standing there pointing at the camera,%3D2001%2BUpper%2BDeck%2BVictory%2B82%2BJim%2BThome&docid=mT9Mzx34kdNY2M&itg=1&w=540&h=760&ei=rR5dTqWkD4rE0AH02OmGAw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=309&vpy=67&dur=212&hovh=266&hovw=189&tx=114&ty=156&page=1&tbnh=157&tbnw=118&start=0&ndsp=22&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0
    But yeah, I do think of him as an Indian.

  4. Michael David

    OMG, I’m sorry your man Buehrle was traded! I know you must be devestated, but you’re not going to turn into a Miami fan now, are you? It’s good news for the Tigers, but sometimes I hate Free Agency.

  5. This is a very simple game...

    Just checking in to see how you’re doing over the Buehrle trade. He’s a great pitcher and I’m not surprised he went quick on the free agency market, but I do love to see it when players are able to stay with the team they started for their whole career. As much as he is prone to kicking Angel butt I would refer to see him in a White Sox uni.
    — Kristen

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