Haha, just kidding. The White Sox relinquished their brief hold on .500 last night with an ugly 10-2 loss to the Red Sox. Apparently Brian Bruney thought it’d be really fun to turn a 5-2 deficit into a 10-2 deficit, all in one inning! Thanks, Brian.

As per normal, I don’t know the exact details of Bruney’s apparent implosion, since, as it has been for about 90% of the season, I do not get the game broadcast on TV. Good thing the Yankees are coming into town this weekend. Four glorious games, all streamed into my living room via the YES Network…

Wait, that’s THIS week?!

Guess I’m a hard-luck fan once more. That cheesy segue was my way of telling the blogosphere that I will be on a mission trip with my youth group until late Friday night, which means I will be without TV/cell phone/WiFi/computer/36 innings of White Sox baseball. It’s definitely a series that I’m sorry to miss, especially considering what happened last time the Sox met the Yanks.

Sorry. I could watch that play forever.

Anyways, I’ll be back here on Saturday, hopefully not writing about some sort of pinstripe-coated collapse. Off to a land where no one will mention the White Sox or baseball or the fact that the Indians just got Ubaldo Jimenez and put a significant crimp in the Central race. (Oops, I guess I just did.)



  1. Red State Blue State

    See, told ya. One day they’re great, next day they’re garbage. No consistency. This has been going on since the All Star break of 2006!!! I can’t stand it anymore! Uggh… they make me so angry. Lillibridge’s catch though… classic. Almost as good as Brian Anderson’s in game 163 a few years ago.

  2. southernbelle

    GRRRRRR LILLIBRIDGE!!! I didn’t forget about that either. And Brian Bruney…yeah he was pretty odd. He always reminded me of my AP Psych teacher, which isn’t a good thing, lol. This series should be fun! I think your boys will win Tuesday for sure…that’s when Phil Huuuuughes is pitching…..

  3. This is a very simple game...

    Hmmm…it looks like maybe the White Sox needed your cheers more than you thought. Not their happiest week.
    No TV/Cell Phone/Wi Fi or Computer?! I’d say that was torture, but for me that was just normal high school. 😉 I am just old enough, that when I was your age there was no wi fi, laptops were so much weaker than desktops (and comparitively expensive) that most of us had a desktop, such that we did not travel with a computer, and I had a cell phone, but I was one of the first kids in my circle whose parents trusted me with one of my own (and it was huge like the ones in Pulp Fiction, LOL). I know, “Get off my lawn!”, right?
    — Kristen

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