You Know, Ozzie, You Might Be Better Off Calling Bobby Thigpen

Sometimes I’m glad I don’t get White Sox games on TV. I just see the score flash across the bottom of ESPN, and I don’t know how they won or lost, I just know that they won or lost. When I saw A’s 7, White Sox 4, Final 10, I initially thought “Ugh, another extra-innings game.” I didn’t realize that the bullpen was that miserable, until good ol’ Ozzie brought it up in a trademark rant. Honestly, Matt Thornton? Four blown saves in four opportunities? That is not only killing the White Sox, that is killing my fantasy team. His 20.25 ERA this week–yes, I said TWENTY POINT TWO FIVE–is putting my team’s ERA through the roof. But, it’s not about my fantasy team. It’s about the White Sox’ 7-5 record looking a lot worse than it actually is, since it should be at least 9-3. Ozzie suggested bringing back Bobby Thigpen. Hey, why not? Thigpen’s only 47, and last I checked, Jamie Moyer pitched until he was like 75 or something. Either way, Ozzie’s gotta do something. I’m not sure I can survive a season of this.

monkey-covering-eyes.jpgIn happier news, yesterday, I designed and purchased the coolest t-shirt ever from Groaning to my mother that there are no witty or remotely funny White Sox shirts for sale, she suggested I design one myself, so I did. It reads “This Girlie Loves Buehrle.” Ok, I admit that I stole that saying from a 7-year-old I read about in the New York Times, but I am not ashamed. My shirt should look like the design below and will come in two weeks. I can’t wait to wear it.




  1. keleighannah

    That photo of the monkey is a pretty accurate representation of what I looked like for the 8th through 10th innings of each of the Sox v. As games this series.
    And, you are right, though. The losses are easier to take when you don’t have to suffer through every agonizing minute.
    I am definitely going to start using my remote more often after the end of the 7th inning.
    Love the t-shirt! Clever! 🙂 Now I want to come up with one of my own…
    Watching the Dandelions Grow

  2. theheirloom

    Catherine – I just read this piece on Yahoo! Sports. Wow. I know Ozzie’s upset, but jetting down to Miami and “chill?” You know it’s *that* bad. (BTW, his Twitter confirmed his Miami locale)

    There is a small problem: As you pointed out, Thigpen is 47. he is already working as the pitching coach at Winston-Salem. Sure, he’s as old as Moyer – but will he be as ready to get in as a closer after years away? Um…

    – Randy

  3. Michael David

    Ozzie is always good for some funny rants through out the season. The Sox are at least a winning team, and 7-5 isn’t that bad for the Central. You know KC and Cleveland will slow down, and the Tigers are proving they can barely be a .500 team.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  4. Catherine

    Aw, Keleigh, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Hopefully, they’ll start winning cleanly and you can put that remote to rest 🙂
    Haha, Randy, just kidding about the Thigpen thing. Though Thornton has been playing like a 47-year-old who hasn’t closed in years himself.
    Thanks for the optimism, Mike. I know that 7-5 is respectable, especially this early in the season, but as I said, it’s just so frustrating to know that it really should be 9-3.
    LOL, Jeff. I think Don Cooper, the bullpen catcher, anyone who has anything to do with those two should wear a shirt like that.

  5. blithescribe

    That is a great shirt! Jeff’s idea is funny too. Maybe everyone in the dugout could bust them out when the bullpen starts taking the mound – sort of like a rally hat, only in this case it’s a don’t-let-the-other-team-rally shirt…I mock, but I also empathize. The Angels bullpen is behaving this week, but I don’t know if this week is the fluke, or the first week…oh, and your dugout shouldn’t bust out those shirts this weekend, because the “other” team – you know, whoever they happen to be 😉 – should definitely rally this weekend.
    This is a very simple game…

  6. Catherine

    Thanks for reading, Janc!
    Oh, Kristen, don’t worry, we will DEFINITELY shut the “other” team down this weekend. You won’t know what hit you 😉
    Will do, Sue! Can’t wait to see it myself.

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