Our Opening Week Heroes Are…Carlos Quentin? And Edwin Jackson?

I’m going to open this by disclosing that I am not a big fan of either Quentin or Jackson.
carlos-quentin.jpgQuentin, in my opinion, had one good year in ’08, and has hardly been able to contribute much to the team besides power since. I tend to view him as one of the more overrated players on the Sox squad. As for Jackson, my initial reaction to the trade for him was, “Why?” and I still have not been able to warm to him. What he showed us last season was decent, but not enough to convince me he was better than the younger and cheaper arm of Dan Hudson.

But it seems that Quentin and Jackson aim to change the minds of skeptics like me. Already with an AL Player of the Week award in his hand, Q is leading the ChiSox hitters in almost every category, with his .458 batting average 5th among major league players Edwin-Jackson.jpgwith a minimum of 15 at-bats. Jackson must know how much I love strikeouts, as he leads MLB with 20 K’s. John Danks has the second-most K’s on the White Sox. He has struck out…eight batters.

I’m liking the look of these 4-2 Sox, even though it is very very early. I wish MLB.com still had that tool where you could see where your team was this time last season, because I would love to compare. All I remember is that we got off to an abysmal start…I guess I prefer not to remember the rest.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading these past few months! I made the Leaders’ List for the first time at No. 47, and am honored to have that kind of readership. I’m really glad to be an active part of the MLBlogs community 🙂




  1. andersconrad12

    I agree that Quentin doesn’t contribute much to the team except for his bat, but his 2008 season shows that that Carlos is in there somewhere. He’s on pace for it again this year. And the reason we got Jackson was because Washington wanted him for Adam Dunn. After the trade went through Nats GM Mike Rizzo backed out and we were stuck with Jackson. Kenny Williams was NOT happy. So he got Dunn anyway lol. Hopefully both CQ “Something Different” and the EJacktor Seat can keep this up through the year.
    – Anders (The Hitless Wonders)

    • Catherine

      If we got the ’08 Quentin this year, Anders, I’d be thrilled. That really would elevate us above the Twins and Tigers. And now that you mention it, I think I do remember that bit about Jackson being trade bait for Dunn, but I was so miffed about the trade that I forgot. (I was a pretty big Dan Hudson supporter.)
      Hopefully these two are not flashes in the pan, Kristen. I’m liking the way we look, too.
      I didn’t really pay much attention to Jackson before he came here, Mike. I just remember the 150-pitch no-hitter and thinking, we got THAT guy?!

  2. blithescribe

    Opening week often brings surprises like that, of course then we wonder if such performances are a flash in the pan or if they will continue throughout the season. Either way, it sounds like the White Sox sure are off to a great start.
    This is a very simple game…

  3. theheirloom

    Catherine, I saw Monday night’s game live on MLB.tv where Suzuki broke Crain. Despite the extra frames loss, your Sox are looking very good. Edwin Jackson is indeed holding his own in the rotation and provides Ozzie a proper #2 starter behind Buehrle. He’s finally showing us what he is capable of 0 even more so than his time in Detroit.

    And, congrats on making Top 50! Well deserved!

    – Randy

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