I Really Want a Roger Bossard Bobblehead Doll

After reading a very funny entry over at “This is a Very Simple Game…” regarding promotions and giveaways at games, I decided to see what my east coast counterparts have to offer me at their games. Turns out, the old East Coast Establishment does not have a very great sense of humor. There are no Chia Pets or Troll Dolls for us. No, we get the boring, standard fare. Posters, T-shirts, and hats. The Red Sox are so uptight, they don’t even have ANY sort of giveaway! When I pointed this out to my father, he said, “Going to Fenway is enough of souvenir. You don’t need a bobblehead.” Well, maybe he doesn’t need a bobblehead. I would like a bobblehead.

f_Metro02fronm_89153c0.jpg(Okay, maybe not that bobblehead. That one is a wee bit frightening.)

Fed up with the boring giveaways that I actually have a chance of receiving (catching games at Yankee, Fenway, CitiField and maybe even Camden Yards are all possibilities), I turned to good ol’ Chitown, which always has something up its sleeve. Let me say this. The White Sox are masters at giving away specially priced tickets. During the 2011 season, Latino business owners, Cardinal Fitness members, church ministers, high school marching band conductors, Kiwanis members, Kinley Park residents, and many other groups of people that I don’t feel like typing have the opportunity to get discounted tickets at certain games. Even when everyone has to pay full price, the Sox do not skimp on promotions. There are fireworks displays set to Elvis, Motown tunes, and “Mullet Style” music (the latter will occur on “Mullet Day”, whatever that is).

But of course, I like tangible objects, things I can hold. You can get those for free at the Cell too. Bobbleheads seem to be the preferred giveaway. A Mark Buehrle bobblehead will be given away at some point, and so will one of a beer vendor (I guess it’s time unsung heroes got the limelight). But my favorite bobblehead that will be given away is the one of Roger Bossard .

Except I don’t know who Roger Bossard is.

So I went to the ever-reputable source that is Wikipedia to find out who this kind man is. Turns out that Roger Bossard is the head groundskeeper at the Cell. He is known as “The Sodfather” and developed a “revolutionary” irrigation and drainage system for ballparks. This is a picture of him. I found it in an article about him in Smithsonian magazine. Pretty schmancy (the fact that he had an article written about him in the Smithsonian, I mean).

sodfather_apr08_631.jpgWho woulda thunk? The manager, the All-Star first baseman, the slugging DH, they don’t get bobbleheads this season, but the Sodfather does.

P.S. Anyone who goes to that game (June 12 against the A’s) and thinks “Who the heck is this guy and why does he get a bobblehead?” can gladly mail the rejected plastic to me. In case you couldn’t tell by this entire entry, I’m a sucker for kitsch like that.



  1. blithescribe

    Thanks for the shout out, lady. I think you article is very funny too and that is one scary lookin’ bobblehead. I did not know that about the Red Sox but now that I’ve heard it, that is indeed very Red Sox. They are classic, old school and that’s not a bad thing at all. I love what your Dad said too, and he’s right but so are you –going to any game is definitely its own reward but, hey, if they want to give me stuff too, bonus. It’s neat that the Sodfather is getting his own bobblehead. You can usually find the bobbleheads up on ebay the week after the game but I have no idea how much they ask for them.

  2. crzblue2

    I think is kinda of cute the first BBH. And I like that they are honoring the sodmaster! Kudos to the WhiteSox. Hey Ebay! I put the word out there ’cause I want the Dusty Baker BBH with toothpick holder.
    From the Dodgers I am looking forward to getting the Sleeved fleece blanket, retro 81 World Series t-shirt and the BBHS from Kershaw, Mattingly and Fernandomania. I would not mind getting a Father’s day BBQ apron

  3. rrrt

    “Mullet Day” sounds kind of scary. Do men with mullets get in free? Is it possible for a woman to have a mullet? (Do I even want to know the answer to that?)

    The Sodfather – I love it! The quirky giveaways like that are so much more interesting than the standard fare, like t-shirts and caps. Hope you can get your hands on one!

    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  4. Catherine

    I did think about eBay, Kristen, but bobbleheads usually go for at least $20, and I don’t think that I want a Roger Bossard bobblehead THAT badly. Oh well.
    I love the nickname too, Jane. A lot more clever than a lot of horrible ones you hear for the players.
    A bobblehead with a toothpick holder, Emma? That sounds interesting. Sounds like the Dodgers have a lot of cool promos. Who wouldn’t want an apron?
    If men with mullets get in free, Sue, I would advise any self-respecting human to be far, far away from the Cell that night 🙂

    • Catherine

      All right, Mike, we’ll keep you posted!
      I guess it is a Chicago thing, Jeff. That’s pretty cool that a mere groundskeeper is celebrated. I know I never read about the Yankees’ or Mets’ groundskeepers in the NY papers.

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