Excuse Me, Mark Buehrle, But I’m a Bit Confused

The things you said about wanting Michael Vick to get hurt during Eagles games are
michael_vick_eagles-216x300.jpgcirculating around news feeds like wildfire. Apparently you said, “there were times when [Buehrle and his wife] hope he gets hurt,” in a sort of karmic payback for what Vick did to all of those pitbulls. That’s very nice, Mark. I know all about Sox for Strays and I heard that this winter that you paid all of the veterinary bills for a dog that had been injured near your home in Missouri. Again, all very nice things. I’m glad that you and your wife are such animal activists. But, um, there’s one small problem I have.

You like hunting. A lot.

In case you didn’t realize, Mark, hunting involves killing animals. I remember reading in 2007 that you shot a bear with an arrow, and the bear ran about 30 yards in agony before succumbing. I heard you had the head stuffed and the claw made into a necklace. For an animal activist, that sounds pretty barbaric. I sure wouldn’t want to run 30 yards with an arrow stuck in me. That’s also ironic, because that dog whose veterinary bills you paid was injured with–guess what–an arrow. I also recall other anecdotes regarding your killing–I mean, hunting–habits. For example, you proposed to your wife on a deer stand. That means she was hunting with you. But I thought she was an animal activist too? Hm, I’m very puzzled.

polar bear face palm.jpgI have no problem with your support for animals, Mark. In fact, I think it’s wonderful that you are so charitable to a cause. But this hunting thing is very confusing. I know you don’t drown puppies like Michael Vick did, but you still have a bear’s head on your wall…Maybe you can explain it to me.

Eagerly awaiting a sensical explanation,



    • Catherine

      I understand there’s nothing we can do about it, Jane. I just personally feel that Mark Buehrle’s remarks about Michael Vick are a bit hypocritical in light of his own hobbies.

    • Catherine

      Yes it does, Matt, but in the interest of disclosure, Mark Buehrle is my favorite White Sock. I suppose we should be glad he supports a cause so strongly, even if I don’t totally understand his reasoning.

  1. blithescribe

    Hunting and loving animals doesn’t seem completely incongruous to me. Hunters who eat what they kill feel they are respecting nature on nature’s terms and I can’t say I really disagree – odd sentiment for an L.A. girl I realize, but there it is. But I do agree that hunting and being an animal rights activist seems kind of like P.E.T.A. opening up a Churrascaria. And while I think Buehrle has every right to condemn Michael Vic for not respecting animals on any terms, hoping he gets hurt does seem hypocritical. That said, Mark Buehrle seems like he’s basically a stand-up guy and he is a heck of a ballplayer.

    • Catherine

      I never thought of hunting like that before, Kristen. I guess as a suburban girl, it’s hard for me to comprehend. I still think that Buehrle’s views are a bit hypocritical though, but as you said, he is a stand-up guy. I’m glad to see him stand up for something, since athletes tend to be apathetic.

    • Catherine

      Thanks for the compliment, Emma! Yeah, I personally cannot imagine killing animals myself, but as Kristen pointed out in an earlier comment, it’s kind of hard to relate to as city/suburban girls. Not that I’m backing off my original point, but it’s certainly anothe perspective.

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